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We are bringing oral hygiene instruction to the highest level by teaching each patient effective brushing technique.  Dr. Zapata explains to patients how to improve their oral hygiene as he brushes their teeth under the microscope.  Because the patients are observing their own mouths on the monitors overhead, they can see areas of needed improvement and put into practice the hygiene techniques.  Our ultimate goal is improved oral health of our patients!


Children love seeing the images of their teeth projected from the dental microscope to the monitors. Photos and video of the children’s own mouth open their eyes and understanding as to why they need to brush and how to care for their smiles.  We teach children how tremendously important it is for kids to brush well and to use dental floss.  We know that preventive care is of the utmost importance, and that is why the dental microscope is so valuable in our practice.  We more effectively communicate to parents the needs of their children.  

Family Dentistry


Family dentistry with better results.

Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Jorge F. Zapata | Family Denstist | Ogden UT