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You can expect the utmost quality care when you visit Dr. Jorge F. Zapata DDS.


We've been in practice for over 13 years in Utah, serving the Ogden area for the past 10 years. To get an appointment with us, call today: 801-394-5240

Over 13 years of experience

Dr. Jorge F. Zapata DDS is nationally-recognized for his work in microdentistry.


He's the treasurer for the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry and recipient of the 2009 Top American Dentist award.

Award-winning microdentistry

The use of the dental microscope enables Dr. Zapata to see and diagnose patients at high levels of magnification. Microscope magnification has many benefits for the patient: precise diagnosis, highest quality treatment, less invasive dental procedures and esthetically beautiful results. The dental microscope is an amazing tool to empower the patient.  By projecting the images from the microscope to monitors overhead, communication between the patient and staff is increased tremendously because the patient can see firsthand what is needed in order to improve their oral health.

Microscope Dentistry

Dental machine

Get quality dental care - less invasive microdentistry surgeries, more accurate diagnosis, less discomfort, and longer-lasting results.

Quality Services

Accuracy with Microdentistry

Get more accurate, less invasive care with microdentistry.

Accuracy with Microdentistry

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The Power of Magnification

Can you see a nest?

36x Magnification